January 21, 2015

How to use Pinterest to plan your wedding

A monthly series from A Bride to Be

This year Templars has 3 employees who are getting married or recently married. Needless to say, the office has been filled with even more wedding talk than usual! Over the next few months, Templars Weddings will be publishing blogs from brides who are going through the same issues you’re facing – flowers, families, and all of the details in-between. This month, we’d like to talk about how to use Pinterest to plan your wedding.

A quick Google search will tell you there are LOADS of blogs about how to use Pinterest to help plan your wedding. Personally, I felt a bit overwhelmed.

Articles like Huffington Post’s ‘6 New Ways to Use Pinterest for Wedding Planning’ and Wedding Ideas’ ‘How to use Pinterest to help you plan your perfect wedding’ are helpful, but didn’t tell me anything new. We’ve compiled the following short list to aide in your preparation – we hope it’s helpful.

1. Pin when you’re in the mood – and go wild.

By only doing it when you’re in the mood, it’s a natural process rather than making it just one more thing on your very long to do list.

2. Create boards for every category…and then edit them.

Editing boards allows you to reflect on what you’ve pinned, see the overall style, and make an assessment on what direction you want the wedding to go.

3. Keep secret boards.

Wedding lingerie and wedding gift ideas – two things you might not want the public to see.


-A Bride to Be

P.S. Take a look at the Templars Weddings Pinterest to get you started.



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