Yellow Wedding Dress
October 15, 2013

A Burst of Colour for the Unconventional Bride

Does the thought of wearing a colourful wedding dress startle you? Some brides are opting for a not so stereotypical white dress as a bucking new trend for some unconventional brides. Blue lace, yellow ruffles, rainbow silk and feathery pink are just some of the emerging mix of bridal couture.

Weddings come in all shapes and sizes and to add the element of non-traditional colour is an exciting development. Vera Wang, a name synonymous with wedding chic, elegance and intricate detail, has gotten on-board with brides, bucking the trend of tradition and instilling colours into her bridal collection.   A wave of crimson floated on the catwalk of the Spring 2013 collection by Vera, in shades from cherry to maroon, while her 2012 Fall assortment showcased an array from nude to raven coloured lace.    

Unusual Dresses

Blue Winter Dresses

Burst of Colour

Flowery Dresses

 It is safe to conclude that overtime brides have become even more daring in their garment choices, while some may shock, others may purely epitomise tradition.

Summer Dresses

Yellow and Purple Dress

Darker Dresses

 On your special day will you dare to cause a stare? Or will you choose to remain conventional? The choice is yours.  

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