Bespoke country weddings with a personal touch.

Templars Weddings have been holding weddings on the Parry family farm in Berkshire for the last 15 years. As our portfolio of wonderful venues grows, we pride ourselves on ensuring each location is individually matched to your special occasion.

The unusual venues; glade, meadow, garden or barn, give the perfect wedding reception atmosphere. There is no set party plan and each venue comes with a variety of options for seating plans and consideration is given to every aspect of the event planning process. For example, dance floors can be positioned apart from the main area allowing livelier guests to dance the night away, while those who choose to chat in peace, may do so comfortably with background music. Most venues easily seat up to 150 people and with the addition of a marquee, they are able to accommodate larger numbers if necessary. The venues and barns may be arranged to allow pre-dinner drinks to be held outside in the evening sun.

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With two rivers, the Kennet and Lambourn, flowing through the district, the towns and villages of West Berkshire are rich in history.

Bronze Age settlers used the old drove road along the edge of the Vale of the White Horse and the Romans marched along Ermine Street from Silchester to Cirencester, Gloucester and then to the Bath Spa waters. The Saxons used a burial ground at East Shefford and King Alfred fought the Danes near Uffington and burnt the cakes in Wantage.

Many local manors, mills and farms in the area are recorded in the Doomsday Book created by the Norman kings and many of the parish churches date from the 12th and 13th centuries.

Charles II is said to have stayed at the manor in Shefford whilst escaping capture after the battle of Worcester in 1651 on his way to France.

The beautiful house at Ashdown was built in the same period by the first Earl of Craven as a show piece to woo the Snow Queen of Bohemia.

In the 18th and 19th centuries the great road from London to Bath passed through Newbury and by Hungerford, carrying the celebrated four horse mail coaches. Gradually, as arable farming increased, the land was being enclosed and more farms were being built. In the 19th century generous landlords built the little ‘Georgian box’ farmhouses for their tenant farmers across the county.

Adjacent to these houses, usually placed to the north and east, two large wooden barns would be erected at right angles to provide protection from the weather. Essentially their construction was a thatched roof, with lapped boards hung on an oak frame.

Many of these beautiful barns survive today – including our very own Templars Barn in Berkshire.

History of Templars Weddings

Land Owners

Ever wondered how you can diversify your barn or land during the year? One such option is teaming with Templars Weddings to ensure you get the most financially.

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For the last ten years, Templars Weddings have been holding weddings on the Parry family farm in Berkshire. Sharing our land with couples on their special day has been a truly rewarding experience and we've learnt and grown so much along the way.

We have more and more brides coming to us wanting to have their weddings in unusual countryside venues that they can personalise for their special day. Landowners are also contacting us with barns and fields they want to use for weddings to help them diversify their income. So we are now putting the two together and helping other landowners benefit from our wedding and events knowledge and experience.
Templars Events will provide a website to showcase your venue and all our logistical expertise to ensure the day runs smoothly. All you will need to do is provide the venue and make it as lovely as possible for the guests.

Landowners Information
Land Owners Information regarding Templars Weddings


We pride ourselves on knowing the best locals on hand to make your day special.

List of our Suppliers

At Templars Weddings we like to promote our local suppliers, some of who have worked with us for over ten years. Whether it is carefully tailored suits, or pleasantly crafted cakes our home grown businesses can cater to your needs.

Please find a link to a list of our suppliers to the left.

Templars Weddings' Suppliers
List of our Suppliers



Templars Weddings Venues Templars Weddings Venues
Templars Weddings Venues

Templars Weddings is currently teaming up with local land owners and farmers who can cater for weddings on their private property.

Every venue has ample parking (including hard surfaces) with the addition of either a meadow for parking during the spring and summer. We offer you the choice of self-service catering or the complete package. We have a number of helpful and reliable local suppliers and we are always happy to put you in touch.

If you are a farmer or landowner and would like to find out more on how to be a Templars Weddings partner please click here. We are currently sourcing invaluable connections across the English countryside and would love to hear from you.

Berkshire Barn



Templars Weddings prides itself on its original barn located in Berkshire.

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The venue sits on a wide acreage of land with space for a marquee reception and a stunning driveway to the property (great for pictures).

If you are interested in booking Templars barn in Berkshire for your wedding please contact us via We have details of the barn we can email you to ensure that it meets your needs and requirements.

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Please get in touch by sending us an enquiry via this form, alternatively you can send us an email and we'll get back to you shortly.

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How many people can the venues accommodate?

Each venue is slightly different and very flexible - the maximum number of guests is around 150.

Can we bring our own alcohol?

We are happy for you to bring your own alcohol into the venue for which we charge a small corkage charge.

What time can our party finish?

We tend to go for 12am finishes as we try to look out for our neighbours, but some venues may have tighter restrictions.

Can we have the ceremony in a Templars venue?

We are happy to recommend local civil ceremony venues for you. In the barns we can hold a humanist blessing.

Do you allow children at the venues?

If children are looked after we love having them. Many of our barns and locations are on working farms so we just like to make sure everyone is looked after.

Do you have noise restrictions?

We aim to keep music at 95db so we don’t disturb our neighbours, this may vary from venue to venue, but we do find this is enough to get everyone dancing.

Can I hire my own photographer to come to the venue?

Yes as long as they make an appointment it is fine.

Can guests camp overnight?

Yes, guests are welcome to camp overnight at the venue (this does depend on which venue you choose).

Can cars be left overnight?

Yes, there is usually ample parking on the event grounds or close by that can accommodate vehicles. This can be clarified when we discuss your needs.

Can I hire the venue on a week day not just the weekend?

Yes, absolutely.

How much is venue hire?

Templars Barn is £4500.

Do you insist on using specific suppliers?

We work hard to support the local community, with extensive experience in the area we tend to know the quality of business that they provide therefore we prefer local companies, but we are open to new suppliers.

Are there any hidden extra charges?

No, just the venue hire cost and a corkage charge if applicable.

Are we able to hire hay bales from you?

We have provided haybales in the past but unfortunately the mess and clean up process we experienced means we are no longer able to allow hay bales to be used at all.

Can we have fireworks?

Dependent on the venue this can be discussed. Some venues have small animals and crops that we must be considerate of.

Can we have confetti?

We are happy for your to use real flower petals as confetti, we do please ask though that they are cleared up afterwards.

Can we have candles?

Yes as long as they are in a jar with is at least 3 inches taller than the candle itself.

Can we come and have a look at a venue at the weekend?

Yes, we prefer weekends, to book a viewing time give us a call or email

How much deposit do we pay?

50% deposit holds the date and the remaining 50% 3 months before the wedding.

How long can you provisionally book a date for us?

We book 4 years in advance.


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